Onboarding, Profile, KYC and Bank details

The name and mobile number of the contact person cannot be changed/edited once the KYC is approved. Other details can be changed directly.

You need to submit IFSC code, Account type, Bank Account Number, Name and Cancelled Cheque copy or passbook first page.

The Mandatory KYC documents are Pan Card and GSTIN. Optional documents are Aadhaar and Office Address proof.

If you do not have GSTIN registration, then a No-GSTIN declaration must be submitted.

KYC documents are not editable once they are approved by Mandione or pending for approval. It can be only edited when requested by Mandione as “upload again”.

Yes, bank account details can be changed. But the changes will only take effect for the new orders created after the new bank account details are approved.

The documents can be your business registration copy, Electricity bill or Corporate/municipal tax invoices.

Seller Lot Creation

KYC documents and bank account details should be approved by Mandione team to create a lot. In case of any difficulties in uploading the KYC documents or getting it approved, please contact the help center @18003091230.

No. You must add yourself as a potato seller to trade potatoes through the Mandione App. This can be added in profile section by editing your personal details.

The quantity, price and validity of the lot can be changed as required. The quality parameter of the lot cannot be changed. However, you can delete the previous lot listed and create a new lot with new quality parameters.

There is no upper limit to the quantity that can be listed. However, there will be a minimum order quantity requirement that needs to be listed.

Buyer enquiry and Order Creation

Go to explore page. Find the seller lot you like. Click on the lot. Read the lot parameters and in the bottom you will find an “Interested” button. By clicking on that button and providing your required quantity and price, you can send your enquiry for the respective lot.

Yes, you can show interest on multiple lots. However, you will be receiving calls regarding the interest from our call centre only when the corresponding seller likes your enquiry.

In each lot, you will find the enquiries against which you have received. In the enquiries list, you can shortlist the enquiries you would like to proceed with by clicking on individual enquiry and by ‘accepting to proceed to negotiation’.

Once the seller accepts a buyer enquiry, a Mandione representative will connect both the seller and buyer over a conference call and facilitate the discussion over Price, Quantity, Quality, Location, logistics, packing, QA and payment terms. The call can end with either buyer & seller agreeing or disagreeing to create an order. If they agree on all terms, both buyer and seller will get the negotiated quote for them to confirm.

Once both buyer and seller click ‘confirm’ on their respective screens to confirm the details negotiated quote agreement, the order gets created.

Order fulfilment Flow

Buyer must make the token payment as displayed in his order tracking screen to proceed with order fulfilment as he requested. Seller will start preparing the order for dispatch immediately after the buyer makes the token payment.

You (both buyer and seller) can find your active orders in ‘orders’ page. By clicking on respective orders, you can find the current status of the order and track the progress of its fulfilment.

As a seller, you must dispatch the material as promised as soon as the buyer completes the token payment. You will have to fill the dispatch details in order tracking page when prompted for the same.

As a seller, you must provide the Vehicle details in which you are dispatching the material. Also, you would need to provide Driver name & contact no, weighment slip with before and after loading weights mentioned, photos of loaded vehicle as specified.

You will receive continuous notifications regarding the update on process status. You will be notified once the material reaches the buyer destination both in order tracking page and in notifications. Notification section is available on click of the bell icon on the homepage screen or click the corresponding order in order page.

Our Mandione representative will contact you if there is a delay in deliver. You can also call us on our Toll-Free Number to raise any concern during the trade and transit.

Once the lot is arrived at buyer location, you (buyer) will have to make the payment within 1 Working Day. The material will be allowed to consume only after making the final payment. The deterioration in quality because of delay in final payment will be in buyer responsibility.

If the quality of the product is not good as promised, then the buyer will be provided an option to negotiate again with the seller of the product to fix the issue. Accordingly, the final accepted quantity and order amount will be calculated for final payment.

The order can be cancelled any time before the final payment. i.e., before and after making token payment by reaching out on our toll-free number. The refund/compensation due to be paid or penalty for cancelling the order will be collected from buyer/seller as per our cancellation policy.

Mandione’ s cancellation policy is available in our help page, terms & conditions page while onboarding and in our website.

Order closure and Rating

After every trade completion you will be notified to give the ratings on different aspect of the interaction/services of Mandione. You can rate each aspect and add any comment for us to improve our services.

As soon as the final settlement is made to the seller of product and services the order is considered closed. The final settlement will generally happen within 24 hours of final material delivery.

Your rating will be calculated by the system only after executing certain minimum number of transactions to avoid any unnecessary bias or spoil sport. The rating section will be displayed in our next version as soon as you reach the minimum number of transactions.

Help and tutotial

In help section, tutorial videos will be available at the top of the tutorial section. This section will be updated frequently with various tutorial videos time by time.

The help FAQ section covers majority of the queries. If you have any unresolved query or require further information, you can directly call us in the toll-free number @18003091230 or write to us @. In case of email, you will get a response within 24 working hours.

1. Both seller and buyer agree to create an order, it is considered as the obligation to meet the terms agreed. i.e., seller is obligated to deliver the material to buyer with the quality he promised, and buyer is obligated to make the timely payments as he promised.

2. Any cancellation by buyer/seller will be considered as walk back on the promise made and hence the party initiating the cancellation without any fault of the counterparty, will be penalised accordingly. The penalty will range from deducting the platform fee without any discount to maximum penalty to the tune of loss suffered by the counterparty because of failure of transaction as adjudged by Mandione according to its standard terms.

3. Buyer/seller cannot cancel the QA service once it is initiated.

4. If Buyer cancels the product order without any fault of seller, then buyer will forfeit the token payment made and also may have to make the platform fee without any discount. Seller will be compensated maximum to the amount of the token payment of the buyer for the losses seller suffered in packing and logistics.

5. If seller cancels the product order after token payment from buyer, seller has to pay the platform fee and also may have to pay additional penalty if buyer has incurred any loss by means of QA service payment.

6. Seller is responsible for the quality he promised till the delivery of the material to buyer location. Seller would be allowed a tolerance of maximum up to 8% quality variation. Any cancellation arising out of variation more than 8% than the seller promises of quality as he listed, will be considered as seller cancellation of the order and will be dealt accordingly.